National Intern Day 2021

Happy National Intern Day! Today, at Alvis and all across the country, we are taking the time to recognize our interns and the amazing work they have done this past year.

An internship is a learning experience in a career field of interest. At Alvis, we place a high value on interns and appreciate their dedication to our mission.

Internships serve as give-and-take relationships between an organization and students. Alvis interns offer us their fresh ideas and talents, while Alvis staff cultivates an experience that is conducive to a student’s future career goals. At the end of the day, we seek to learn from our brilliant interns just as much as they learn from our committed staff.

To celebrate this important day, we’d like to spotlight our current Summer interns.

Alvis interns are active in a wide range of programs and site locations. Alvis provides client-facing internships in the fields of reentry, DD services, workforce development, family and children’s services, and behavioral healthcare. Additionally, we provide administrative internships in fields such as marketing, development, IT, and training.

While each internship experience is unique, there were some common threads when we asked our extraordinary Summer class what their favorite part of the internship has been…

People of Alvis

The People of Alvis are a rare collection of individuals who have huge capacities for love and understanding. These people truly connect with our mission and give their whole selves to turning lives around every day. Our interns have become a part of this rich network of dedicated heroes.

“My favorite part of the Alvis internship has been the people and diversity in the workplace. The Staff Appreciation Day was also one of my favorite parts about interning at Alvis.” – Priya, Marketing Intern

“The love and care that the case management staff have for the clients is something special.” –Tiffney, Reentry Intern

“Interning with Alvis was made memorable by the community and People of Alvis. It has been an honor for me to work with people so dedicated and inspiring. I am very grateful to Alvis for taking me in as an intern this summer. Working with my amazing supervisor, Priscila Teixeira, and her team would have to be the highlight of my intern experience. It has been inspiring to work with people so dedicated and knowledgeable in what they do.” – Samantha, Marketing Intern

“A rewarding aspect of this experience is really just getting the opportunity to learn! My curiosity was sparked, especially when doing grant prospecting searches because I wasn’t familiar with how many individuals and/or organizations donated to and volunteered with nonprofit organizations and how many people had passions in what Alvis stands for.” – Kiara, Development Intern

Learning, Observing, and Growing

An internship is primarily a learning experience. The number one goal for our interns is to grow as students and professionals. Along the way, interns may also discover a little more about themselves in the process. Our open-minded and curious interns have made the most of their time at Alvis through this desire to learn, observe, and grow in their skills and capabilities.

“My time at Alvis confirmed my hopes for the field and reaffirmed my hope in people.” – Madison, Reentry Intern

“My favorite part of my internship has been gaining a better understanding of the reentry process and learning how to work in a professional environment.” – Sienna, Reentry Intern

“I would say I learned how easy it is to get lost in the “rabbit hole” that is the research for grant prospecting. It definitely has been challenging me to work on my time management skills. Also, knowing what information is useful versus what isn’t, and how to access information is something that requires practice.” – Kiara, Development Intern

“My internship experience with Alvis has allowed me to grow confidence in myself and my skills. The people of Alvis have paved a bridge for me to move forward in my life as a graduate and as a professional.” – Samantha, Marketing Intern

Turning Around Lives

At the core of Alvis’ mission is helping our clients turn their lives around. Our vision is of a future when communities believe that a person’s potential is more important than their past. Summer interns have had meaningful interactions with Alvis clients, leading to long-lasting memories.

“My favorite part of my internship at Alvis was getting to build relationships with the clients and see their progress throughout the program.” – Marissa, Reentry Intern

“My favorite part of the clinical experience at Alvis has been working with the individuals you serve in the Developmental Disabilities Services.” – Holly, Clinical Intern

“My favorite part of Alvis was seeing how much offenders were able to change for the better with the help of case managers.” – Juliana, Reentry Intern

“My favorite part is helping the clients.” – Anna, Reentry Intern

Our interns have contributed to our mission, our clients’ lives, and the lives of our entire team. We are so lucky to have this group of interns.

To our interns: we want to wish you all a Happy National Intern Day! Thank you for all that you’ve done—we appreciate you and we hope that you stay connected to the Alvis Family.

For some of you, this might mean a future career path with Alvis, as many interns in the past have progressed to full-time careers at our organization. For others, this might mean entering a related field or a similar agency.

No matter what your future holds, we encourage you to go forth and take the experiences that you received at Alvis with you for years to come.

Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with over 50 years of experience. We believe in the power of second chances and coming together as one community to affect change. With our reentry, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, workforce development, family and children services, and the community, we can make a lasting 180 impact. Learn more about Alvis and how you can get involved at

National Give Something Away Day

Today, July 15, is all about giving! Whether you are decluttering your closet, the pantry, the junk drawer, the garage, or even just have some extra time on your hands, celebrate by giving to people you know like friends, family, neighbors, or even people you don’t know. Don’t know where to start? Here, we’ll help you!

Before you throw an item away, have you ever thought to yourself, ‘could someone else use this?’ The answer might be ‘yes’ more than you realize. Almost anything can be donated to someone in need.


Go through your closet and make a pile of clothes you haven’t worn in the last few months. Donate them or offer them to a friend or family member. If you have children who are older or adults, consider giving away some of their old clothes or toys. Books and games that go unused might be a good idea for donating also. A good place for gently used items like these is your local nonprofit Goodwill store. Goodwill also accepts furniture, electronics, jewelry, DVDs, housewares, domestics, hand-tools and more. See a full list of what you can and can’t donate in Columbus here. To find a store or donation center near you click here. Keep in mind, COVID-19 may affect some locations ability to receive donations. It’s always a good idea to check with your own local Goodwill or donation center to see their new policies and what they accept. Some Goodwill locations do pick up donations as well. To learn more about the organization, their mission, donating, how to volunteer, or find a career at Goodwill, visit your local Goodwill’s website or visit

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is another nonprofit you might consider giving to. This housing organization helps families in need to build their own homes alongside volunteers. According to their website, their vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. To find out how to volunteer near you click here. Habitat for Humanity also has a chain of home improvement restores where proceeds are used to, “build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world.” These stores accept new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods, cars, and more from individuals and companies. Each store is unique, and many locations also accept items outside these categories which is why it is always important to check with your local store on what they accept. To learn more about this and the donation process, visit their sites donation page or learn more about them at

The Salvation Army

A third, similar donation option could be to the international Christian charitable organization called the Salvation Army. This organization accepts donations for a range of services and help they provide including for their food pantry, disaster relief, homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehab, job training programs, human trafficking help services, veteran services, domestic abuse help services and much more. Donate to any one of these specific causes by going to the Salvation Army homepage and clicking under “What We Do.” They also accept a range of goods including appliances, automobiles, clothing for children and adults, furniture, household goods, electronics, books, and games. Learn more about how and where to donate goods here. If you are interested in even more ways to give including toward airline miles, sponsoring a child overseas, or volunteering, visit the Salvation Army “Ways to Give” page. See more about the mission and history here as well.

The American Red Cross

Not interested in donating money or goods? Donate blood! The American National Red Cross is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education with the help of volunteers and lifesaving blood donors. According to the Red Cross website, 90% of the humanitarian work of the Red Cross is carried out by volunteers. Interested? Find your volunteer opportunity here! You may also consider donating blood, platelets, or plasma. Did you know, every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood? One donation could potentially save up to three lives! Red Cross has a whole page about giving blood including how to find a blood drive near you, how to host your own drive in your area, eligibility requirements, the donation process, and blood facts. Click here to learn more. Read more about the Red Cross, their work, and their mission on their site as well.

Consider Donating to Alvis!

We are a nonprofit human services agency providing reentry and family support programs, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services, recovery housing for women and their children, and services to individuals with developmental disabilities who are trying to live more independently in the community. Our mission is to innovate and deliver evidence-based human service programs that empower those we serve to build successful, productive lives. We serve nearly 10,000 men, women, young adults, and children in Ohio each year and our programs indirectly impact tens of thousands more. We work to keep families together, make communities safer, and give people the inspiration, the encouragement, and the tools they need to turn their lives around 180 degrees. But we could not do it without the help of our generous volunteers and patrons!


Here at Alvis, we are always looking for volunteers. Whatever your interests, skills, strengths, we can use your help to change people’s lives around, big or small. Whether that’s helping clients study for their GED test, tutoring math or another subject, assisting at a fundraiser, pulling weeds, hanging shelves, teaching a yoga class, or hosting craft classes/activities, every little thing really helps and we have endless opportunities for you. The sky is the limit! Get involved and give your time to give others a chance today by applying on Alvis’s volunteer page or email James Hagerman at with questions (ask us about working remotely too).


Thank you, donors and volunteers, for all you do. Without you, Alvis and other nonprofits just wouldn’t be possible!

Happy Giving!

Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with over 50 years of experience. We believe in the power of second chances and coming together as one community to affect change. With our reentry, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, workforce development, family and children services, and the community, we can make a lasting 180 impact. Learn more about Alvis and how you can get involved at

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Today is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day! We’ve had some truly inspiring volunteers give their talents to the benefit of our clients. Since the onset of the pandemic and our move to embracing virtual and remote volunteer opportunities, volunteers have crafted beautiful cards for occasions like the Winter Holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. Not only this, but volunteers have also attached personal notes and cards to donations, like our friends at the Columbus Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Committee, who created cards for the guys in our DD program, in addition to sending them sweets and holiday treats.

Decorations for homes and residences, in the form of wreaths, bows, Santa hats, and garlands decked the halls during the holidays. We managed to decorate entire residences with the amount of beautiful handmade crafts we received!

Handmade placemats from volunteers have produced warm reminders for clients as they sit down for meals that they have an entire community caring about them on the outside.

Art has not only taken on the form of visual arts, either. We’ve had some incredibly talented performers from all ages send in videos to brighten clients’ spirits during these challenging times. Hula dancing, singing, tapping, caroling over Zoom, and string instruments have all been forms of performing arts to send beautiful messages of hope through song.

In the central Ohio area and abroad in faraway places, we’ve had amazing artists contribute to our cause, so our clients have more motivation to continue their journeys toward reentry and recovery.

To our volunteers: you inspire us, you inspire our clients, and you are so appreciated. Thank you for all that you’ve done to keep our clients going during this period of isolation and stress.

In addition to volunteers, our staff keeps our clients engaged through structured activities. Many of our clients love to draw, paint, and creatively express themselves.

If you would like to inspire our clients with art, whether it’s through donation, creating art for clients, or teaching virtual art classes, let us know! We can always use art and craft supplies for our clients. Please reach out to if you would like to coordinate a donation drop-off, or reach out to if you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with our clients on a remote or virtual basis.

Global Community Engagement Day by James Hagerman, Alvis Community Engagement Coordinator

It’s Global Community Engagement Day! Today, we acknowledge the contributions that individuals and organizations make to the community, and how these contributions are key to our community’s success.

Communities are strong because vast, diverse groups of people are willing to give their talents, time, and resources for the betterment of those who need help the most.

Community engagement allows organizations to truly understand the needs of their citizens—something that Alvis has been doing for many years. Our President and CEO, Denise M. Robinson, uses data on the community to determine whether our programs are working in efficient, effective ways that most help clients. As the community changes, so do Alvis programs.

“I always look at data… I’m never satisfied with outcomes.” – Denise M. Robinson

One community engagement method that is “basic” to the nonprofit sector, according to Ramona Sudbeck, M.S. and Michael J. Bradley, Ph.D., is utilizing volunteers. Our volunteers at Alvis are truly foundational to our community engagement. Whether they are local or global, indoor or outdoor, face-to-face or virtual, volunteers have shown up loudly and proudly for our clients. The result has culminated into one resounding message: our clients have an engaged community that cares.

At Alvis, we value community engagement, because our community is a part of everything that we do. Our volunteers across the world have been a part of our 180 Degree Impact, and the effects are amazing to see.

From Florida and New York to Bali and South Africa, cookies, cards, stockings, decorations, carols, video messages, and dance routines were delivered (with great care) to our clients since the onset of the pandemic. COVID-19 has produced the negative effect of isolation on our clients. We had to get a little creative, but we managed to keep our valued volunteers engaged on a COVID-safe basis.

Small gestures from the community to show our clients that it cares can make all the difference. Caring gestures can brighten a person’s world that may seem filled with darkness.

We also are thankful for our recurring volunteers and interns, who are engaging with our clients each and every week. GED tutors and mentors for the clients are continuing to teach courses and lead workshops, and our Peaceful Reading Garden Project for the Amethyst children launched this month. Our Columbus Gives Back volunteers were truly inspiring with their dedication and desire to help.

Alvis clients are not alone during these challenging times. Our community makes a huge difference by simply showing clients that they care. To join our community, reach out to