Hire a Veteran Day

Hire a Veteran Day

July 25th is Hire a Veteran Day, serving as a reminder that many men and women who have served in the armed forces are highly trained and qualified for civilian employment. A number of veterans are actively seeking jobs in the United States. Likewise, there are a broad range of civilian employment sectors that are also involved in the armed services, such as information technologies, marketing, and finance. The skills that veterans gain from the armed services can be very useful in civilian jobs.

Alvis currently has job openings, and we are actively seeking passionate, dedicated staff to join our team—including veterans! Our openings include the departments of administration, behavioral health, corrections, developmental disabilities services, and facilities. If interested, we encourage you to apply!

National Hire a Veteran Day was founded by Dan Caporale, Marine Corps veteran and founder of Hire Our Heroes (www.hireourheroes.com), a website that prioritizes veterans seeking employment. Beginning this month and continuing through November until Veterans’ Day, unlimited job openings can be posted to this website at a 50% discount when entering the code, “Hire a Vet”. 

A staggering nationwide trend, according to seniorliving.org, is that America’s workforce is aging, and more Americans aged 65 and older are working than in the last two decades. The 65+ age group is projected to be the fastest growing segment of the workforce by 2024. Not only do we hire veterans (a percentage of whom belong to this age group)—we are also interested in seniors, and actively look for employees with experiences that have allowed them to be dedicated, qualified members of our team at Alvis. 

We stand with veterans on this day, and honor the service that they have shown toward this country, while also valuing them as employees and fellow citizens.

Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with over 50 years of experience providing highly effective treatment programs in Ohio. Our vision is that communities value a person’s potential more than their past. For more information on how Alvis can help you or to learn more about how you can get involved, contact us here.

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